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Not a picture just an article that has been translated.
---Scandal in sight? The pharmaceutical industry has bribed politicians to discredit the electronic cigarette.

Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), two of the largest pharmaceutical companies have spent millions of euros in recent years to make the wrong pub electronic cigarette. Especially with organizations and medical associations. And that includes the "prestigious" American Thoracic Society (ATS), which includes more than 15,000 lung specialists worldwide. But that's not all! Some politicians may also be involved. The pharmaceutical lobby would have overpowered and some lawmakers paid for it tightening their laws against electronic cigarettes.
The influence of large pharmaceutical companies on governments and the European Commission, had already been revealed by Bloomberg in February. Explicit emails strongly advised them to adopt strict laws in relation to the electronic cigarette. Including GSK and Johnson & Johnson. Today, it seems that these industrial giants have also donated millions of euros for medical organizations and lobbies to make believe that the e-cigarette was as bad for health as smoking.
Independent studies say the opposite, however. The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), the oldest medical association and most respected in the world, recently published a 200-page report to end the nonsense that are told about this "cigarette".
"Despite misconceptions on the subject," concludes this huge report, there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes are as harmful to health as cigarettes called "regular." On the contrary, there is not even any evidence that they are dangerous at all.
"Saving millions of lives"
"People should not worry," the researchers said, "smoking electronic cigarettes, actively or passively, poses no health risk." Promote electronic smoking among smokers, according to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), would contribute "tremendously" in reducing the mortality rate.
Furthermore, according to the SPC always, there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes grow nonsmokers to get started. In contrast again. They are "only beneficial to encourage smokers to quit." According to Professor John Britton, head of the advisory group on tobacco RCP: "It is time to stop the controversy and speculation on electronic smoking What matters is that it helps people stop us.. have the opportunity to save millions of lives. "
Bad news for the pharmaceutical lobby
This study suggests that the electronic cigarette is now the most effective way to fight against tobacco addiction. And that of course it annoys a lot of pharmaceutical manufacturers . Well yes, they do not just sell nicotine patches or pills to make you quit. They also spend a lot of money for selling drugs. Drugs used to treat those symptoms of smoking.
It seems that even politicians are wet in this case. The pharmaceutical industry has used all its financial power to make laws binding vote. Including the United States, o seven Democratic senators were bribed to death with hundreds of thousands of euros . Pfizer, Teva Pharmaceuticals and CVS are cited. This also affects Europe: Martin Callanan, a British Conservative politician and former MEP, admitted that European directives on e-cigarettes have been developed under the pressure of the pharmaceutical sector . "The answer I received when I raised this problem is always the same: the drug industry has too much to lose if the e-cigarette came to supplant or even replace the patches or chewing gum to nicotine, "he declared.
"A Billion Lives"
Recently, this documentary film "a billion lives", said the bottom of this story. Shocking images that show how the pharmaceutical industry come to pass financial interests before public health.




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